Dayva Premiere Stainless Steel Heater


  • 40,000 BTU Output
  • 20 Foot diameter of warmth
  • Heavy guage construction
  • Concealed wheels for easy moving
  • Latched cabinet to hide gas supply
  • Push button electronic ignition
  • Propane or natural gas
  • 91″ x (34″ x 34″ hood) x (21″ x 21″ base)
  • Propane tank cabinet measures 22″ x 14″ x 14″ inside.
  • Propane tank sold separately
  • Low BTU safety pilot control
  • Safety tilt feature – CSA certified
  • 80 Lbs.
  • Safe Operating Distance is 18″ from top and 24″ from the side of (hood).

Product Description

For an exquisitely crafted, premium quality outdoor patio heater that looks as good as it functions, then look no further than our Dayva Commercial Grade Premiere Patio Heater.

This sleek, beautiful outdoor patio heaters one that will keep you warm with the simple touch of an electric ignition button that gives the heater life and allows it to produce up to 40,000 BTUs of heat. Receive up to a 20-foot warmth diameter with adjustable heat intensity for any level of chilly weather.

The Premiere patio hater heater is crafted from commercial grade stainless steel that allow these heaters to stand the test of time.

Best of all – this outdoor propane heater is easily portable via concealed wheels at the base and includes enough space so that all propane or natural gas tanks can be discretely hidden in a secure latched cabinet inside the base of the unit.